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Messages Received:

From Graham Wadsworth via our Website
10th November 2016

Tonight (Thursday 10 November), I went to the Colne Muni to see your production of the Merchant of Venice. I thought that it was absolutely brilliant. My only disappointment was that I could not applaud more at the end. I thought that not only would you have taken a bit more applause, but that you would have returned for a second “curtain call”. There were so many good performances on the night that I hesitate to pick out one, but I have to say that Adrian Hartley did a brilliant job of portraying Shylock. All in all, a great night out and one which I will remember for a very long time.

Messages Posted In The Foyer At The Muni After Yellow Moon…

The following feedback comments (mostly anonymous) were posted (on the PostIt board in the foyer)at the Muni directly after the performances of ‘Yellow Moon’:-

“Excellent!! Kept me riveted throughout – very moving”
“Gripping – brilliant acting. Actually drew tears out of me!”
“An excellent production, writing, acting, director’s staging – teamwork – everything. Thank you.”
“Wow! Not normally my thing but liked every minute. Thanks guys – will come to next one.”
“Wonderful play! Wonderful production, loved it.” (Val Norris)
“Absolutely amazing, riveting all the way through and evoked all types of emotion – even tears! Well done guys.”
“Marvellous, innovative, simple, complex, effective. Excellent!”
Really enjoyed it. It had pace, movement, everything. Shame about the numb bum though (mine that is)!!”
“Would have been just as effective without all the offensive language.”
“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!”
“Loved it – but have an interval.”
“Brilliant performance – spellbinding.”
“My first time tonight. Very impressed by full cast.”
“Great show. Great actors.”
“Jan woz gud!”
“Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed – well done.”
“Excellent performance.”
“I’m biased – but it was effin brilliant!!”
“Well done – it was great!”
“Well done boys and girls – you kept’em gripped.”
“Well acted. Very different. Thought provoking.”
“Atmospheric, with creative directing, slick performances, and excellent characterisation. Really engrossing.”
“How the people could portray characters with conviction was truly amazing. Well done.”
“Fantastic play. What a treat.”
“Better than a week’s worth of SKY.”
“Brilliant – the way you carried it without sets, just good acting.”
“Absolutely brilliant acting.”
“Excellent cast, excellent story. What an incredible evening’s entertainment. Well done all.” (Ann & Joyce)

David Hunt – 24/06/14

We came to see “As you like it” as it is one of our favourites. I have previously seen your productions of “The Tempest” and “The Winter’s Tale,” so I knew it was likely to be good.

We were not disappointed. The cast were enjoying themselves, we were too, and the end result was beautiful and life-affirming in strange, magical ways. I can’t single out any members of the cast, as they were all superb. Shakespeare at it’s very best, and I’ve seen many bigger productions which have not affected me like this.

EMAIL RECIEVED 2nd December 2012

Just wanted to pass on our thanks to those Players that wonderfully evoked the spirit of Dickens at Burnley Library this afternoon.  To see actors with nothing but their skills and those wonderful words at close quarters was fantastic.  Earlier in November we’d also really enjoyed the Christmas Carol at Colne Muni too (although could one of the small girl actors not have played Tiny Tim?).

The Borderline Players were a vital part of the Dicken’s event this afternoon – showing the power of words and the value of being able to freely access books and the arts to broaden our minds.

Please pass on our thanks to all that were involved.  It was a wonderful event to attend.

With our very best wishes for Christmas and 2013

Ray & Margaret Foster