Anarchy at The Muni!

Police, corruption and belly laughs are not usually words that are associated with one another.  However, in Borderline’s forthcoming production of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, they are joined at the hip.  Written by Nobel prize winning playwright Dario Fo, the play is a sharp and hilarious satire on police corruption.  It’s based on the real life events surrounding the case of a pacifist anarchist railway worker, who in 1969 ‘fell’ to his death from a window on the fourth floor of the police headquarters in Milan, Italy.

Fo’s play was developed as details of the case were coming out in the subsequent investigation.  Much of the evidence had been altered to put the officers concerned in the clear and Fo himself was arrested several times for daring to questions the authorities’ versions of events.

Despite the serious nature of the source material, the play is a zany, political comedy.  Fo uses the conventions of farce to draw attention to the increasing absurdity of the police evidence, as they change their stories and tamper with evidence in order to put themselves in the clear.  Director Lesley Playfer said, ‘The play is a modern classic and we are really enjoying the mixture of comedy and serious political message.  There are places where the themes of the play clearly resonate with contemporary concerns’.

The production can be seen at The Muni, Colne 22-25 February



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